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SKU: 56011 ASP Ultra Cuffs, Hinge Identifier (Steel Bow)

ASP Ultra Cuffs, Hinge Identifier (Steel Bow)
Purchase ASP Ultra Cuffs, Hinge Identifier (Steel Bow)
  • SKU: 56011 ASP Ultra Cuffs, Hinge Identifier (Steel Bow)

  • $71.20

    Color-coded versions of our revolutionary, forged aluminum frame restraints—a new standard in strength, speed, precision and safety, all in an incredibly lightweight handcuff.



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ASP’s exclusive Ultra Cuffs represent the most significant advances in restraint design in more than a century. These handcuffs were designed, tested, revised, re-tested and perfected in the field, with input from officers and tactical instructors around the world. The result is a restraint system with materials, construction and a feature set that simply can’t be found in any other handcuffs:

  • Forged aluminum frame: Forged from 7075 T6 ordnance-grade aluminum, Ultra Cuff frames are rigid and incredibly strong, yet lightweight. Forging—as opposed to the stamped steel parts found in other restraints—also eliminates rough or sharp edges; the smooth, rounded Ultra Cuff frame is more ergonomic, and safer for both officer and subject.
  • Conical, flat contact bow: The geometry of the bow fits a wider range of wrists, and a flat contact area improves application speed and accuracy. Bows are also highly radiused, to prevent injury. Identifier Ultra Cuffs feature steel bows; non-Identifier models are available with either steel or aluminum bows.
  • Dual-sided, single-turn keyways: Ultra Cuffs feature keyways and double lock slots on both sides of each frame, and both the primary lock and double lock are released by turning the key in a single direction. Double lock slots feature colored indicators that provide instant recognition of lock status. All of these features add up to making cuff application, adjustment, double-locking and removal faster and easier.
  • Replaceable Lock Sets: The lock assemblies are unitized and replaceable. This allows them to be field-serviced when needed, and provides the unique option to change Lock Sets to suit different agency preferences, or to switch to a high-security configuration.* The construction of the Lock Sets, and their placement within the forged frame, also makes them highly-resistant to shimming.
  • Colored Identifier bands: These permanent structural components provide instant visual recognition, to help differentiate property between agencies or officers. Some officers use color-coding to aid in subject identification in notes and reports.

Hinge Ultra Cuffs feature a stainless steel, four-point rotation hinges. Ultra Cuffs are also available in Chain or Rigid models.

We recommend adding our specially-formulated Glide Baton and Cuff Lubricant to your order, to keep your gear in peak operating condition.

*IMPORTANT: 2 Pawl High Security cuffs require a special key, and will not open with a standard handcuff key.

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