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SKU: 330016 Haix Black Eagle Athletic 2.1 T Low Shoe

Haix Black Eagle Athletic 2.1 T Low Shoe
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  • SKU: 330016 Haix Black Eagle Athletic 2.1 T Low Shoe

  • $144.00

    Extremely Lightweight with Running Shoe Technology

    The Black Eagle® Athletic 2.1 T Low no-slip work shoes are designed to meet your needs on duty and off. Combining running shoe technology with innovative functionality, Black Eagle footwear offers the lightest weight options in HAIX footwear. Made to be worn inside or out, this sporty black slip resistant shoe is built for comfort and incorporates many unique features you didn’t even know you needed.

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  • Stabilization and Moisture-absorbant Insole

    Designed for speed and constructed for durability, Black Eagle® Athletic 2.1 T Low has what it takes to go the distance. The cushioning in the heel area of these no-slip work shoes will give you just the right amount of shock absorption while the strong spring-back material in the forefoot allows for the most efficient use of energy. With the built in stabilization zone, your foot stays ideally positioned to keep weight distributed evenly throughout the foot. So important with regard to your foot health. The removable insole also provides ample support and a cushiony feel for a comfort fit day in and day out.

    Long-lasting Durability with Multi-directional Anti-slip Grip

    The long-lasting and durable sole of these black slip resistant shoes incorporates a special rubber and tread design that provides excellent multi-directional anti-slip grip on many surfaces. What does multi-directional anti-slip mean for you? It means you can start, stop, and turn on a dime without worrying about losing your footing. The built in stone shield also ensures you won’t feel every rock or stone while out on more uncertain terrain.

    Metal-free with Heat Resistant and Cold Insulating Soles

    The soles of these gasoline and oil resistant boots ensures that you won't mark up your floors. The soles are not only heat resistant, but also cold insulating. This helps to prevent the cold from cold surfaces from seeping up through the sole. This shoe is also airport friendly since it is entirely metal free too.

    Breathable Microfiber Design and Smart Lacing System

    Black Eagle® Athletic 2.1 T Low features a super lightweight microfiber design which is extremely breathable; your feet will stay comfortable indoors and out, even in hotter temperatures. On top of that, the smart lacing system lets you get in and out without ever again having to tie laces. The newly designed lace pocket is more streamlined and keeps your laces tucked in and out of the way. No more tripping or stopping because your laces came untied. 

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