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Kustom Signals

Kustom Signals is dedicated to serving the traffic safety equipment needs of law enforcement. Kustom designs, manufactures and markets innovative Radar, Lidar, Video solutions and Speed calming devices. For nearly 50 years, we’ve been right there with you, meeting your demands, expanding your capabilities and extending your reach.
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  1. Kustom Signals SMART 650 RADAR Speed Trailer

    This highly visible trailer has a 12 inch rounded character, full matrix LED display with flashing overspeed violator alert and multiple optional violator alerts including RED “SLOW” LEDs, red-blue flashing bars and white LED photo strobe. The SMART 650 is rugged and trouble free with Kustom Signals’ directional radar. These trailers are lightweight and easily deployed. It comes standard with a 5-year warranty which includes all trailer electronics covering the display, Kustom directional RADAR, and the optional solar panel and traffic statistics computer. The SMART 650 will be continuously operational for up to 10 days with the use of 1 battery. An optional second battery or solar panel can be used for autonomous operation. A wireless remote control is provided for easy roadside programming. All of this delivered for $5,000 in continental US.
  2. Kustom Signals Pole Mounted RADAR Speed Displays

    High intensity LEDs with four distinct looks and designs can be used to increase speed awareness in areas where speed limits change on a regular basis. With increased awareness of speed, communities will realize the benefits of traffic enforcement and safety efforts. Proven to reduce speeds, neighborhoods will be quieter, and your agency can more efficiently allocate police resources.
  3. Kustom Signals SMART 500 & 510 Directional RADAR Speed Dollies

    Designed to be noticed, the 12” full matrix, high intensity LED display is visible up to 750 feet. Durable and trouble free, the portable SMART 500 and 510 protect pedestrian traffic. The communities you safeguard will realize the benefits of your traffic enforcement and safety efforts. As the SMART speed dolly informs and educates the motorists, vehicles noticeably slow, and neighborhood roads become safer. Use wherever you need speed enforcement most. Lightweight and portable, SMART 500 and 510 are easily positioned to supply driver feedback and effective compliance.
  4. Kustom Signals ProLaser 4, Portable LIDAR Speed Measurement

    Designed for ultimate precision, the ProLaser 4 delivers unmatched target acquisition, range and performance. Superior optics, advanced software and narrower beam width provide exceptional performance. Ergonomically designed, the rugged, forward-sweep pistol grip and trigger angle provide outstanding balance and fit. High contrast visibility day and night, the new OLED rear display and HUD provide faster response time, substantial information and improved night-time operation. The advanced ProLaser 4 gives you a powerful advantage in traffic enforcement.
  5. Kustom Signals Falcon HR, Hand-Held Directional K-Band RADAR

    Hand-held or dash mount options allow for flexible operation. Falcon HR offers the functionality of a high-end radar system at a fraction of the cost.
  6. Kustom Signals Raptor RP-1, Weather-Proof, Dash Mounted RADAR

    The Raptor RP-1™ with DuraTrak™ quickly acquires targets at great ranges. Directional capability allows you to monitor vehicles from approaching or receding for maximum performance and easy usage. Patented features include DuraTrak Target Tracking, providing added confidence in target identification. TruTrak VSS interface enables automated mode switching between moving and stationary modes, eliminating shadowing and patrol combining. Smart Patrol Search operates when the speedometer input is not connected to reduce showing and patrol combining when coming out of hold mode. Compact size and separable display make this radar easy to use and provide little officer interruption. Used by officers around the world, Raptor provides the target acquisition and performance needed for agency success.
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7 Item(s)