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SKU: 2-1000 PRO-SHOT .270-.38cal Gun Cleaning Patches 1000 ct

PRO-SHOT .270-.38cal Gun Cleaning Patches 1000 ct
Purchase PRO-SHOT .270-.38cal Gun Cleaning Patches 1000 ct
  • SKU: 2-1000 PRO-SHOT .270-.38cal Gun Cleaning Patches 1000 ct

  • $21.49

    American grown Cotton & American Design come together to form the best cleaning patch in the world! Experience the advantage with Pro-Shot's Superior Weave Technology (SWT), our High thread count with tightly woven material along with our double napped finish on both sides.  Our (SWT) Superior Weave Technology creates a cleaning patches that have become known worldwide for their unparalleled cleaning ability.  Dozens of world records have been shattered with shooters using our cleaning patches!  Pro-Shot Cleaning Patches are the foremost in cleaning technology and quality, often imitated, never duplicated!!

    The fact is well-known that nothing surpasses 100% COTTON FLANNEL FABRIC for purposes of absorbing foreign matter and residue, and in turn carry it through the BORE with the LEAST amount of abrasive contact to the barrel’s rifling.  Pro-Shot's cleaning patches provide Maximum Cleaning Power and Barrel Protection! Clean Faster, Easier, and Protect your barrel with Pro-Shot 100% Cotton Flannel (finished both sides) Cleaning Patches!  



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• American Grown finest quality cotton, milled in America to Pro-Shot Specifications
• Consistent thickness, shape, and white in color
• Designed to handle all solvent types, even harsh chemicals
• SWT- Superior Weave Technology- Exclusive thread count with a weave designed to catch/trap more fouling
• Finished on both sides for extreme absorbency
• Packaged in reusable zipper top bags
• Made in USA 
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