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We love the First Responder community and appreciate the opportunity to help community efforts when possible. If you have a donation request, please submit your contact information and details about your request below. Please remember that because we are a small, family-owned business we often have to prioritize donations. While we'd love to help with all donation requests, our primary focus for giving is helping with efforts involving A deceased officer or fund raising for life saving equipment. In addition, requests submitted at least a month in advance are more likely to be considered. Thank you for your continued business!

Please Note that we only review these requests at the beginning of each month.

Following are the instructions for Donation Request:

  1. All requests for Donation must be accompanied by a W-9, 501-C3 Tax Exemption Letter and a IRS letter assigning Tax ID#.
  2. *This form must be filled out completely before any Donation Request will be considered.
  3. *Must be a non-profit, federally recognized 501 C-3 or community based organization.
  4. *One donation per event.


Fields marked with an * are required Donation Request

  •  Contact address if different then organization address

  • Donation Request

  • Please Allow 30 Days for Processing
    You may return this application for Processing to our receptionist at the Front Door
    Thank you for your interest in allowing The Ray O’Herron Co., Inc. to be included in your event!