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Downloadable Gun Forms

Following are the instructions for Form Submission:

  1. Download the required PDF from the following list.
  2. Fill the required information and email it to us at [email protected]
Available Forms: Notes:
  • To purchase FIREARMS products, email us any one of the above forms. Refer to Transfer Policy for more details.
  • To purchase AMMUNITION, NIGHT VISION, SHIELDS, HELMETS and PLATES, email a copy of your FOID Card or Police ID. Refer to Proof of occupation for more details
  • To purchase TEAR GAS, LAUNCHERS and MUNITIONS, PEPPER BALL & O.C SPRAY, email us the FET form (for the applicable manufacturer) plus the following..
    • An itemized order: either a department purchase order or an itemized order on department letterhead.
    • An instructor level training certificate from a department officer that has been through a less lethal / flash bang course.
    • The department ORI number is also helpful in speeding the process along.

If you are not sure which ones to choose from then you can LIVE CHAT with us or Write us for more information.