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SKU: 1033 Defense Technology Tri-Chamber Flameless Saf-Smoke™ Grenade

Defense Technology Tri-Chamber Flameless Saf-Smoke™ Grenade
Purchase Defense Technology Tri-Chamber Flameless Saf-Smoke™ Grenade
  • SKU: 1033 Defense Technology Tri-Chamber Flameless Saf-Smoke™ Grenade

  • $41.50

    The design of the Tri-Chamber Flameless Saf-Smoke™ Grenade allows the contents to burn within an internal can and disperse the agent safely with reduced risk of fire. The grenade is designed primarily for indoor tactical situations to detect and/or dislodge a barricaded subject. This grenade will deliver approximately .70 oz. of agent during its 20-25 seconds burn time.

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Description• The Tri-Chamber Flameless Grenade is intended to be used for training purposes and is designed for indoor use.
• The Tri-Chamber Flameless Grenade has a 20-25 second burn time.
• The Tri-Chamber Flameless Grenade is NOT to be launched utilizing a launching cup.
• This grenade’s pyrotechnic contents are burned within an internal can, the internal combustion allows the chemical-laden smoke to be released through three (3) ports on the outer canister side while safely containing any of the fire-producing properties within the two internal canisters. The fuze is shrouded to further protect surrounding materials from the possibility of fire.
• The Tri-Chamber Flameless Grenade can be used in crowd control as well as tactical deployment situations by Law Enforcement and Corrections, but was designed with the barricade situation in mind. Its applications in tactical situations are primarily to detect and/or dislodge barricaded subjects.
• The purpose of the Tri-Chamber Flameless Grenade is to minimize the risks to all parties through pain compliance, temporary discomfort, and/or incapacitation of potentially violent or dangerous subjects.
• The Tri-Chamber Flameless Grenade provides the option of delivering a pyrotechnic chemical device indoors, maximizing the chemicals’ effectiveness via heat and vaporization, while minimizing or negating the chance of fire to the structure.
ManufacturerDefense Technology
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