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SKU: MS4000 Federal Signal MS4000 Series Siren

Federal Signal MS4000 Series Siren
Purchase Federal Signal MS4000 Series Siren
  • SKU: MS4000 Federal Signal MS4000 Series Siren

  • $614.99

    • Mini-siren with intersection clearing tones
    • Faceplate switching or remote control style
    • Ideal for undercover and administrative vehicles
    • 100 Watt Class A and SAE sound output Federal Signal speaker capability
    • Output short circuit protected - replaceable fuse
    • Three-year warranty

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Efficient and economical traffic clearing mini-siren
MS4000 offers value-packed, reliable performance with effective traffic clearing capability. Reliability is increased and operating temperature is decreased in the design of the MS4000 with the use of advanced rail circuitry and low-loss FET design arrangement.
Versatile and compact siren with built-in features
MS4000 mini-sirens provide 100 Watt output and meet Class A requirement when paired with any Federal Signal speaker. The mini-siren can operate from any 12-volt negative ground vehicle electrical system. It is protected against failure models, including reversed polarity, by a fuse that can be replaced without tools.
The MS4000 series comes with its own bracket and can be mounted virtually anywhere due to its compact size and lightweight construction. 
Simple siren activation
MS4000 can be powered via the vehicle’s power center or directly from the vehicle’s battery. WAIL, Yelp, Priority, Manual, and Air Horn are all standard on the MS4000. Two rocker switches control all the siren functions. One switch controls AIR HORN, MANUAL while the other controls WAIL/YELP. The AIR HORN/MANUAL switch rests in the neutral (center) position and activates a function when momentarily placed into the up and down position.  The WAIL/YELP switch is a three-position switch with the center position being neutral.
Built-in intersection-clearing feature
A built-in intersection-clearing feature adds effective traffic management capability at potentially hazardous crossings. When the MS4000 is activated and in the WAIL position, depressing the momentary switch to the MANUAL position produces an eight-second Yelp tone. When the MS4000 is activated and in the YELP position, depressing the momentary switch to the MANUAL position produces and eight-second Priority tone.
Ideal for undercover officer and volunteer firefighters
The MS4000U is designed especially for the undercover police officer and volunteer firefighters. Siren functions are activated in the same manner as the standard MS4000, but the MS4000U  mini-siren is activated with switches mounted on a small, remote switch panel.
ManufacturerFederal Signal
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