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SKU: PW100 Federal Signal Pathway 100 Watt Siren & Light Controller

Federal Signal Pathway 100 Watt Siren & Light Controller
Purchase Federal Signal Pathway 100 Watt Siren & Light Controller
  • SKU: PW100 Federal Signal Pathway 100 Watt Siren & Light Controller

  • $730.99

    Pathway™ is a compact, 100-watt programmable siren and light controller available with self-contained controls, handheld, and remote surface-mount control heads. Pathway is easy to install and incorporates Convergence Network Configuration Software to provide a high level of customizable control capability. Pathway default siren tones include wail, yelp, priority, and air horn. A library of other selectable siren tones is available in the software. Pathway also includes two serial ports to be used with FS Convergence Network devices such as light bars or directional warning lights for easy “plug-and-play” installation. Other features include horn ring transfer, public address with included microphone, and radio rebroadcast. Pathway has (12) solid-state relays: eight five-ampere active high, solid-state relays; and four low current, low side outputs (20 mA maximum each). Pathway also has connections for four generalpurpose input circuits plus dedicated inputs for park, horn, and ignition. The PFSYNC-1 On Scene Sync Module works in conjunction with any Pathway siren to provide synchronization between multiple “like-programmed” vehicles. On Scene Sync Module (sold separately) uses a GPS signal to maintain timing between vehicles, providing the capability to synchronize warning lights and voice messages to unify the visual and audible warning of multi-vehicle response. An ambient light sensor is also included in the On Scene Sync Module to auto-adjust warning lights.

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100 W siren and light controller with PA and noise-canceling microphone • Models include self-contained, remote, handheld, Four-button and Six-button controllers • Siren tones, PA, Radio Rebroadcast and Air Horn • Library of selectable siren tones • Horn Ring Transfer and Park Kill • (7) programmable inputs and (12) programmable solid-state relay outputs • Convergence Network Configuration Software allows for easy customization of siren and light controls • (2) FS Convergence Network ports • Standard voice messages available in English, Spanish, and French Canadian to broadcast alerts. Custom voice messages available for an additional fee • Five-year warranty
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