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SKU: 9GO Hoppes Lubricating Gun Oil Field Wipes

Hoppes Lubricating Gun Oil Field Wipes
Purchase Hoppes Lubricating Gun Oil Field Wipes
  • SKU: 9GO Hoppes Lubricating Gun Oil Field Wipes

  • $9.99

    Hoppe's Traditional #9 solvent cleans fouling and loosens abrasive dirt from firearm parts to prevent wear and protect your investment. A strong rust inhibitor, it protects your firearms from costly corrosion damage and aids in cleaning and preventing carbon and lead build-up in barrels to maintain top accuracy. It helps keep firing pins and strikers clean and moving freely to prevent light strikes and misfires. And of course, it has a classic smell that only comes with Hoppe’s No. 9.

    Whether it is cleaning your firearms after a day in the field with famous Hoppe's 9, or looking to protect it for storage, Hoppe's has the choice of product for you. From high viscosity lubricating oils and moisture displacing lubricants to protect from corrosion, to Moly & gun grease for protection under heat and pressure. Hoppe's is the world leader for firearm cleaning and lubrication.

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Hoppe's oil wipes are designed to protect your firearms in the field. Available in 50 count or a larger 60 count cannister these wipes are perfect for your range bag or for wiping down the exterior after a full clean
  • Pre-moistened oil wipe
  • Multiple size cannister with multiple size wipes
  • Removes fingerprints and contaminants on firearms
  • Hoppe's #9 oil
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