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SKU: ERTIIIA24X36 United Shield ERT – Ballistic Shield Level IIIA

United Shield ERT – Ballistic Shield Level IIIA
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  • SKU: ERTIIIA24X36 United Shield ERT – Ballistic Shield Level IIIA

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DescriptionERT – Ballistic Shield The United Shield E.R.T shield is a new addition to its range of multi functional shields. It has been designed in conjunction with officers from various US Firearms Units, to satisfy a need for a shield which is light and versatile, while being strong and robust. The shield is ambidextrous, so that left and right handed operators can use the same shield quickly and without any need to change handle positions. It is very adaptable when used in different tactical situations such as dynamic entry, hostage situations, domestic situations, routine patrol and casualty evacuation. The integrated weapon mount provides for single handed operation, allowing operators to deploy their weapon without exposing their arm. The shield has a solid horizontal handle combined with three soft handles for ease of deploying the shield. The E.R.T shield offers increased head coverage against other shields. Spec Sheet: Standard ERT Shield Like all of our Standard Shields, this shield is Special Threat Tested to the following threats; 9mm +P+, 127 grain Supreme Expansion Technology (SXT) projectiles. .357SIG 115 grain Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP) projectiles. .357 SIG 125 grain Gold Dot Hollow Point (GDHP) projectiles. .40 cal., 95 grain Agulia projectiles. 9mm Fiocchi, 115 grain FMJ projectiles. 5.72x28mm 40-grain Hornady V-Max (Blue Tip) projectiles. 5.7x28mm 27grain SS195 Lead free Hollow Point (LFHP) projectiles 7.62×25-mm, 95grain TOKAREV FMJ projectiles. Features Multi-function dual sided shooting platforms, allows for weapons or arm support. Ambidextrous tri-support handle that allows for left hand/right hand and vertical grip. Adjustable arm supports that allow for greater control and support of the shield View Port 4″ x 10″ level IIIA Increased head coverage Ballistic Performance The shield is available in NIJ Level IIIA. Dimensions and Weight Size is 24″ x 36″ The NIJ Level IIIA shield weighs 15.4 lbs.
ManufacturerUnited Shield
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